Create a MySQL Table Using MySQLi

The CREATE TABLE statement is used to create a table in MySQL.

We will create a table named “MyGuests”, with five columns: “id”, “firstname”, “lastname”, “email” and “reg_date”:

After the data type, you can specify other optional attributes for each column:

  • NOT NULL – Each row must contain a value for that column, null values are not allowed
  • DEFAULT value – Set a default value that is added when no other value is passed
  • UNSIGNED – Used for number types, limits the stored data to positive numbers and zero
  • AUTO INCREMENT – MySQL automatically increases the value of the field by 1 each time a new record is added
  • PRIMARY KEY – Used to uniquely identify the rows in a table. The column with PRIMARY KEY setting is often an ID number, and is often used with AUTO_INCREMENT

Each table should have a primary key column (in this case: the “id” column). Its value must be unique for each record in the table.

The following examples shows how to create the table in PHP:

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